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Looking for assistance with your next software project?

Our software developers are available to help you with your software project.  We have the resources to assign you an expert team including a certified Project Manager and Software Development lead to help you with every step of the process. Making sure the process is cost-effective, reliable and robust.

We have a suite of custom-developed Software Solutions, with an emphasis on Web Client (Native or Webapp), .Net/.Net Core, REST API and Microsoft Azure platform technologies and solutions. All our solutions are client-specific built with your requirements in mind.

We design using modern object design fundamentals and develop using proven software implementation techniques.  We continuously build, test and deploy using the latest DevOps methodologies.

Find out a bit more about our available developers:

Developer: Harshith Patel 

Harshith is a passionate .NET C# developer with sound 8+ years of industry experience. He’s an expert in building complex web/windows apps and services. A recent highlight achievement is his solo end-to-end development of the Permanent TSB bank web credit card activation service.  All current PTSB bank web based credit card activations are using Harshith’s custom designs.  His code is processing thousands of credit card activations daily, with no customer impact issues!   Harshith built his secure activation solution using a high performance REST API formed using .NET Core.  Harshith’s implementation has been easily adapted to support other bank applications, beyond the original portal solution defined at the start of the project,a testament to a well designed solution.    Additionally, Harshith’s expertise in automated testing enabled him to shaved weeks off the credit card activation deployment, finding that deployment acceleration through effective automated API testing (again supported via .Net Core libraries and experience).  Harshith’s achievements enabled the bank to keep to a hard deployment commitment and delight many customers! 

Harshith is equally adept at working in highly performance teams.  He proved that by leading a small, high performance team, through the design and build of a Microsoft  ASP.NET MVC application that provided highly secure web purchase and payments portal.   Finally, Harshith’s extensive expertise in Microsoft DevOps means he can craft modern Scrum/Agile CI/CD DevOps pipelines using 3rd party tools or Azure DevOps.   


Developer:  Shashi Kumar 

Shashi is a very experienced “full-stack software professional and problem solver with 14 years of experience in all phases of software with an in-depth knowledge of architecture, agile methodologies, design patterns, DevOps and object-oriented principles. Shashi’s core value is leading (via a hands-on approach) the design and building of next generation web/desktop apps using the latest web and cloud technologies

He has done this successfully for Investment Banking, Financial, Nuclear Energy, Irish government and Manufacturing domains.  One of his crowning achievements was when he led a large project at United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to migrate set of monolithic (legacy) IBM mainframe apps to WPF & MVC based web applications with AngularJS front-end framework. He used PRISM framework and single handedly built composite UI Library using WPF + MVVM pattern. He used Domain Driven Design(DDD) to map  business domain concepts into software artifacts and built WCF Services with Transport-Level Security i.e point-to-point security between two endpoints (server and the client) along with message-level security, where the user credentials and claims are encrypted and encapsulated in the messages. He was also involved in designing of database objects with normalized role based security views for the 200 countries highly confidential Nuclear Data and has been awarded from UN Director twice. His leadership across a full-stack solution, based on modern web application design and implementation approaches makes him the ideal tech lead for most modern web application solutions based on core Microsoft .Net technologies.  

He has a proven track record working as an architect, lead developer, scrum master and individual contributor across the globe in USA, India, Austria, Germany, Ireland &  South Africa, so he has proven his abililty to led/communicate within the technical world, and has done this multiple times, across a range of countries and cultures, giving him experience that is rare to find.   


Developer: Douglas Sloane 

Douglas a very Senior Data Analytics .Net developer, with an experience breadth that spans full-stack data analyticdevelopment (database to customer facing reports). 

Douglas implemented the entire Data Analytics Reporting solution required by the Scally Report into Cervical and Breast screening for the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI). The NCRI is the agency tasked with collecting and classifying information on all cancer cases which occur in Ireland. As part of that remit it is their responsibility to implement the Scally Report. Douglas developed 30 Microsoft SSRS reports and integrated them into the NCRI’s .Net / MVC system, thereby offering a high quality reporting infrastructure on cancer treatment effectiveness in the Republic of Ireland.  

Douglas was responsible for the development of all strands of this implementation including the front end coding, the report design and development, and the 60+ SQL Server procedures required to generate the report data. Douglas achieved this full-stack solution within a 9 month window, well in advance of their initial internal estimates.  


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