Managed Service Model

Hiring, monitoring, and managing staff to deliver your technology projects can be expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. Partnering with a Managed Service Provider who can do that for you is much more cost-effective than hiring, training, and retaining your own employees.

From short-term consulting to upskilling teams and providing the specialist project analysis, management and software development, and technical expertise – we take ownership. We lead. We build strong, face-to-face partnerships to deliver on our promise.

At Aspira we like to say that we are confident in the resources we provide to our clients as we are experts in delivering engagements in the areas and technologies that are our core competencies. 

We offer two different models, namely Managed Service: Resourcing and Managed Service: Resourcing and Delivery.

With both models, we assign our staff members, whether software developers, testers, business analysts or project managers to work on our client projects. As a company with a rich heritage of delivering technology projects, we retain our staff to move from project to project, allowing us to offer flexible access to individual staff, long-term or short-term, flexibly as needed. When clients need additional resources, we use our internal subject matter experts and understanding of the project requirements to select the right individuals whom we then hire into Aspira to help deliver the project.

Offering two Managed Service Options lets our clients decide how much control they wish to have – they can assign the tasks or they can handover to Aspira to assign and manage the tasks. Two options, one outcome – technology projects delivered.

Managed Service: Resourcing

All Aspira resources assigned to work with a client are managed through a systemised process to ensure that they are part of the Aspira team and deliver successful projects for our clients.

This process includes:

  • Aspira Project Management and Technology experts select the individuals with the right technical skills for the project.
  • A comprehensive onboarding process including APEX – Aspira Project Excellence approach.
  • Aspira line manager who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the individual(s)
  • Individual Training, Development and Certification plan
  • Membership of an Aspira Community of Practice, specific to the individual’s role.

To ensure seamless operations for clients, we include:

  • Creation of an introductory information pack specific to that client/project.
  • Standard approach to on-board and off-board resources to allow a smooth transition.
  • Structured Knowledge Transfer to client staff.
  • Weekly progress check-ins with the individual and issue resolution.

Managed Service: Resourcing & Delivery

Our engagement approach for Managed Service Resourcing & Delivery includes all of the elements listed above, plus the key additional component that Aspira will take responsibility for delivery of the project. This means that in addition to assigning a team of individuals to work on the project, we assign a project manager who is responsible for the delivery of the project.

In effect, this means that our Managed Service Resourcing & Delivery model provides a self-managing team under the direction of the wider client organization. This approach sees Aspira take on the responsibility for the outcome, and means that clients can efficiently outsource the work to our team, without needing to be involved in the day-day execution.

Some of the features of this approach, in addition to those listed above, are:

  •  An Aspira Project Delivery Manager owns direct management of the project deliverables.
  • Implementation of Project Planning and Change Management.
  • Maintenance and update of Project RAID logs, schedule.
  • Weekly progress check-ins project status and progress.
  • Monthly Management reviews

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Aspira are experts at delivery of Managed Services on technology projects, and welcome the opportunity to engage in exploratory talks, selecting whichever model that works best for your business.
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