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Unlocking Digital Transformation: 4 Keys to Success

“True Digital Transformation is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Who wouldn’t feel both scared and excited as they play around with their core business proposition, influenced by the latest in Digital” says Peter Ryan, MD Europe at Aspira who was interviewed about Digital Transformation on Dutch TV in late 2020. “To help us take the ride successfully, we need to be brave and expert!”

Aspira featured almost daily on Dutch TV (RTL4 & RTL-Z) for a week in October and across various websites. A feature of this were 4 highlighted segments of the interview broadcasted on LinkedIn. Now we have summarised the best of that content here in a compact set of advice i.e. ‘Aspiras 4 Keys to Digital Transformation Success’ below:

1.Key Ingredient: You cannot have Digital Transformation without People Transformation.

Digital Transformation is difficult because it requires people to change at a fundamental level.  People find change difficult; it’s uncomfortable and there is uncertainty about whether it will work. This change is doubly difficult when it comes to changing the core of your business by leveraging sometimes unproven technology. So the message is to listen to your people (team, users, etc), learn (their challenges and opportunities in adapting and improving the outcomes) and finally co-lead the change with them.

2.Key Commitment: Your Digital Project Journey should never end!

Commitment issues are not just for relationships; they represent the biggest challenges in Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation requires a sustained (long term) commitment across the entire organization. It is not something that will be achieved in 3-months or 6-months and then “return to normal”.  It is making a commitment to change what you do and how you will do it – forever.

Some companies behave like a child who is keen to get a new pet but does not have the commitment to care for and exercise that pet every day for the rest of their lives.  Embarking on a Digital Transformation is like deciding to build a zoo – you will have to keep feeding and exercising those beasts.

3.Key Expertise: Digital Transformation Projects are achieved through a cooperation of experts; doing what they do best!

Digital Transformation requires people to ‘lose’ or (more politely put) ‘share’ control, where we have many rather than one expert leader delivering. Transforming the core business needs business owners to take the lead, owning the innovation but delivering the results needs a strong cooperation with delivery experts such as Agile Project Managers.  An Agile PM will help a company shape innovative ideas into deliverable plans and onwards to great outcomes.  In, short you need the facilitators as much as the innovators.

4.Key Customer Mission: You don’t need to change your mission to Digitally Transform!

Blow away the myths around Digital Transformation. Your mission is not to inject Technology into everything or throw away your company’s mission. Digital Transformation requires a fundamental rethink on how core business products and services can be accessed, enabled, leveraged and imagined through the power of digital solutions.

Your mission therefore is to continually re-imagine your products and services – in an Agile / Digital fashion – so you continually ‘Wow’ your customers in line with your companys mission.

In summary, the 4 Keys to Digital Transformation Success ensures you have the capability, resilience, enthusiasm & mission-focus to continually innovate and wow your customers; to ride the rollercoaster to success!

Watch Peter Ryan’s recent TV appearance with RTL for more information on digital transformation and how to apply it to your business.

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Author: Peter Ryan, MD Europe at Aspira

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